About SIMCO Middle East

SIMCO Middle East provides durability investigation and durability design services for both new and existing concrete structures.


About SIMCO Middle East

SIMCO–ME & Structural Group

SIMCO-ME was formed through a joint venture between SIMCO Technologies and Structural Group. SIMCO-ME assists owners and designersin evaluating the root cause of problems with existing concrete infrastructure, in engineering the repair and life extension of existing infrastructure, as well as providing durability design for new infrastructure. SIMCO- combines comprehensive condition assessment capabilities with sophisticated materials analysis techniques and STADIUM® software, our leading-edge service-life predictive technology, to give owners proven solutions to their infrastructure issues and the information necessary to manage their infrastructure assets.

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SIMCO Middle East, was established to meet the unique needs of the Middle East. With some of the most advanced civil and structural infrastructure and one of the most aggressive natural environments in the world – owners, designers, and builders of infrastructure in the Middle East are faced with major durability challenges that can impact service-life.

For existing infrastructure, SIMCO-ME provides condition assessment services ranging from basic quantification of damages through full condition and corrosion assessments that identify the root cause of damaged infrastructure. With the use of our industry proven proprietary STADIUM® Service-Life model, SIMCO can predict the service life of existing infrastructure with and without repair.

For new construction, SIMCO provides durability design consulting services to engineers, contractors, and owners of infrastructure assets. SIMCO's durability engineering professionals worked for years with major industry experts to design, develop, and gain industry acceptance of the most advanced concrete service-life prediction model on the market. 


STADIUM® ME: Specifically Designed for the Middle East
Service-Life Modeling & Prediction

STADIUM® ME service-life predictive modeling tool in specified and used world-wide in the design of major new infrastructure where service-life is a critical factor. Along with the modeling and durability design service to enhance the durability of new structures, SIMCO provides QA/QC services during construction to insure that the concrete design specified in the durability model is delivered by concrete suppliers and the contractors on the site.