Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

SIMCO’s condition assessment services are comprehensive – offering a range of testing and deliverables based on the needs of the owner and the project. The objective of a standard condition assessment is to identify the root cause of problems and the level of damage.

Based on the client’s needs, SIMCO can also provide additional testing services to predict service-life as well as help to determine optimal repair solutions including associated repair and maintenance budgets.

We Offer Three Levels of Assessment Services:

  Observation Report Condition Survey Condition Assessment
Report Summary Comprehensive visual appraisal that describes the observed problem area(s) Documentation of the problem area(s) that quantifies the location and degree of the visible defects and conditions Analysis of collected data, documentation of current conditions, extent of damage (if any), and root cause analysis.
Observed Deterioration
Deterioration Quantities    
Data & Lab Analysis
Root Cause Analysis
Service-Life Modeling & Prediction SIMCO Middle East offers optional service-life modeling and durability analysis to predict the life of the structure with and without repair utilizing SIMCO´s STADIUM®

Field & Laboratory Testing Capabilities

Non-Destructive Testing
  • Visual inspection – site survey
  • Acoustic impact testing
  • Rebound hammer testing
  • Pachometer/GPR survey
  • Thermal imaging
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity testing
  • Impact echo testing
Semi-Destructive Testing
  • Exploratory excavations
  • Sample extraction
  • Load testing
  • Geotechnical analysis
Specialty Testing
  • Corrosion damage surveys
  • Corrosion rate analysis
  • Concrete contamination (chloride and carbonation)
  • Concrete resistivity
  • Electrical continuity testing
  • Corrosion potential mapping
  • Linear polarization resistance (LPR)
  • Chloride and carbonation analysis
  • Half cell potential readings
Laboratory Testing
  • pH testing/carbonation depth
  • Chloride ion content
  • Sulfate ion content
  • Compressive strength testing
  • ASR testing

Industry-Leading Service-Life Prediction Tools

SIMCO’s expertise in the major parameters that govern the deterioration process has led to the development of innovative infrastructure evaluation techniques, including the STADIUM® suite of service-life prediction software tools. A specialized version of the software has been created for the unique environment in the Middle East – which factors in both local conditions and materials to provide advanced service-life modeling and prediction

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